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This is the stuff you should check out on any site before you decide to provide your personal information.

Genealogy Research

This is from a post I made to my Blog site … It is incredible how much information is now available to those wanting to trace their family trees from the comfort of their own living room. BUT … as unbelievable as it may seem, not EVERYthing on the internet is true!!

About the Families

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Any other content of this site not withstanding, by using this site (other than to read this Agreement, the  CopyRights Notice  and  Privacy Notice), you agree to comply with and be legally […]


This section contains information about the site and the necessary legal stuff.

About Me

Are you sure you really want to know this? I was born on New Years Day. After High School, I enlisted in the Air Force and at University I studied History and Political Science. I’ve worked in numerous fields and lived in and traveled to multiple places. That enough?

About This Site

This site is open to the public but most of the Genealogy information requires you to register and have the required access status. Your status  (your status can be seen […]

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I appreciate all comments but all comments are subject to review and you must register and be logged-in if you want your comments to be posted.  (Unless I really like what you have to say.)  If you don’t see a comment link at the end of a page you can send me an email.

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