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This site is open to the public but most of the Genealogy information requires you to register and have the required access status. Your status  (your status can be seen at the top of the page)  may prevent access to some information. (Information about living persons is not available to the public.) 

Be sure to  check Site Status for any recent update information.

About the Content

Except for things I’ve written myself and some photos of my own or from family members, the content has come from the internet. Most from Ancestry.com.  In other words it’s already available to anyone who wants to look for it on the World Wide Web.

The Family Tree

Genealogy information is displayed in a scrollable box outlined in black like the one below.  The information for individuals will include a family tree chart showing 4 generations. Each person shown on the tree is also a link to that person’s page in the site.  Below the chart will be tables listing  parents, partners, media, life events, a kinship report showing descendents, ancestors, siblings, in-laws, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, notes, sources, etc.  If there is no information for one of these that section won’t be  shown.  Everything on these lists will be links that will open in the scrollable box.

NOTE: There may be photos and images of documents that may not be shown in the media section  but if you scroll down to the Sources section  and click on the source the media may be displayed at the bottom of the Source page.

If you can click on an image a page will open showing the image and a list of where it is used.  Click on the image on this page to see the full size image.


Any image can be downloaded by right-clicking the image and choosing “Save Image As” on the menu that opens.  On links and images that are also links you can choose “Open Link in New Tab” or “Open Link in New Window”  and then use the browser file menu “Save Page As” to save the entire page to your computer.

Note that the image on the page you save won’t be downloaded this way, you’ll need to download the images separately.  Links on the page you save will still point to the their location on this site so you’ll need to be connected to the internet to see the images and follow the links.

About the Menu

The Menu at the top of the page reflects the hierarchy of the PAGES in the site.  When you move the cursor over an item in the Menu, pages under that item will be shown.

Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find under each of the Menu Items.

  • Home   is where you’ll start when you first come to the site.   Pages under the Home page menu item provide information, sources, documentation, etc.
  • About  contains information about the site such as copyrights, terms of use, comment rules, etc.
  • Site Status contains information about changes and updates to the site. (You should check this page to see if anything important has been done to the site since you last visited.)
  • Families Contains information about the families and a page for each of the Core families which opens with the page for the person that makes the family a Core Family.
  • The Photos  section provides access to the photos on the site.
  • Videos are just that.
  • Contribute provides a form members can use to contribute content to the site.
  • Contact  is where you should go if you want to contact me.
  • Login opens the login form. (Logout is under Your Status at the top of the page.)


Make sure you read the CopyRight, Terms, and Privacy  pages since accessing this site means you have agreed to be legally bound by their content.

I hope you find something here of interest. Look around, and if you find anything you like, (or don’t) or you have  any questions or suggestions  let me know.   Feel free to point out any errors,  leave a comment (if comments are open for the page) or submit your original stuff and I’ll consider publishing it.

Again, except for my contributions and what others have contributed, EVERYTHING here is available to anyone who wants to look for it: in census reports, phone books, city directories, birth, marriage, divorce, and other public records, etc.   All are publicly available to anyone who wants to look for them and more and more are being photocopied, indexed, digitized and put on the internet every day by individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, governments, etc. but  if you see something on this site (about yourself or someone else) that you feel should not be public information you can let me know.   I can’t remove anything  from the internet but I can restrict access through this website.

Thanks for stopping by.

(For more information see About the Families and Genealogy Research.)

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