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Sylvanus (Silas) W. Perry was born on July 10, 1846, in Chatham County, North Carolina, the child of Sylvanus (Silas or Sylvan) W. and Eleanor (Ellen) Jane. He married Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth McNeill on January 30, 1867, in Prairie, Arkansas. They had eight children in 18 years. He died on May 18, 1925, in Prairie County, Arkansas, at the age of 78, and was buried in Hazen, Arkansas.

GreatGrandPa Silas Pedigree Chart

Sylvanus (Silas) W. Perry Jr

Birth 10 JUL 1846 Chatham, North Carolina, USA

Death 18 MAY 1925 Prairie, Arkansas, United States


  • 1846
    Death of Father Before Aug 1846 Chatham Co, North Carolina
  • 1850
    Residence Upper Regiment, Chatham, North Carolina
  • 1851
    Birth of Half-Brother Charles A Caviness
  • 1860
    Residence Center, Prairie, Arkansas, United States
  • 1867
    Marriage Jan 30, 1867 Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth McNeill
  • 1880
    Residence Center, Prairie, Arkansas, United States
    Death of Mother Eleanor (Ellen) Jane Myrick
  • 1900
    Residence Center Union Townships, Prairie, Arkansas
  • 1910
    Residence Center, Prairie, Arkansas
  • 1920
    Residence Center, Prairie, Arkansas
    Death of Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth McNeill: 27 Jun 1924: Death
    Death of Sylvanus (Silas) W. Perry Jr 18 May 1925 Prairie, Arkansas
    Burial of Sylvanus (Silas) W. Perry Jr Hazen, Prairie County, Arkansas, USA

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 (MT Pleasant Cemetery, Mt Pleasant, Missionary Baptist Church, Cabot, Arkansas.) includes a grave with name Sylvanus W Perry and a date of birth 1846 and a date of death in the 1880s.  The grave is not GGrandpa Silas, father of Lon Sylvanus, even thought the date of birth on the head stone matches, his since Silas shows up in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census records and since my mother spoke of “Grandpa Silas” Dad’s Grandfather and knew and remembered him and she was not born until 1908 and was not married to my father until Feb. 1924. So he was obviously still alive at that time. Further, my Dad told me GGPa Silas never served in the army during the Civil War, but if he had, he would have served in the Confederate army and this grave is that of a Union soldier.
Based upon the 1850 United States Federal Census Great Grandpa Silas (Sylvanus miss transcribed as Syloamy) was living with William and Eleanor (Ellen) Caviness (miss transcribed as Cromp) and Martha Myrick in Chatham Co. NC. [look at the original documents prepared in Sept, 1850 (GGrandpa Silas was born in July, 1846 and turned 4 in 1850.)] He also shows up with this same couple in Prairie County Arkansas in the 1860 census (age 13 now.)
GGPa Silas’ father Sylvanus W. Sr. is buried in the MT. VERNON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH cemetery in Hadley Township, Chatham County, North Carolina. His grave marker shows Silvan Perry and his death as 25 Dec 1846, 5 months after GGrandpa Silas’ birth. Russ

Although the documentation I have found:
(The probate records of Sylvanus Perry from the Oct, 1846 session of the court  showing a suit of his executor James Perry, (probably the brother of Sylvanus) by his wife Eleanor seeking a portion of the estate for her and “her family” sufficient to support them for a year although no child is named in the probate records;  The 1850 and 1860 census reports for William Caviness showing Eleanor as his wife and having a child named Sylvanus Perry living with them. There are transcription and/or census taker spelling or understanding errors of the names Sylvanus and Caviness but close examination of the document  supports Eleanor as GGpa Silas’ mother and that she was previously married to a Perry;  The 1850 census also shows a single female with the last name of Myrick, who was probably Eleanor’s younger sister, living in the Caviness household.  Peter F Perry’s will naming James and a son that has been transcribed as Persyllas, or Persilas who can not be found in any other records and is probably either a transcription error or an error in spelling, hearing, or understanding by the person who wrote it.  The probate records for Peter’s estate show the payment of the $100.00 each that Peter left to his 3 oldest sons and Sylvanus is one of the three receiving this pay-out.  Traditions in a number of his descendent’s families tell of Peter having a son name Sylvanus;  The statements to me by my father that his middle name, Sylvanus, was handed down to him from is father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather;)
add up to convincing evidence for GGpa Silas’ parents being Sylvanus Perry and Eleanor Myrick  I have not found any documentation that clearly names GreatGrandpa Silas’ parents.

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