Aug 2, 2013
For privacy reasons Census Records are not released to the public until 72 years after they were taken.  The 1940 Census was just released this year.   A lot of people have been working to transcribe that information into the databases at Ancestry.com and as it has been put on-line I have been updating the tree at Ancestry.com with information from the 1940 Census.   There are a lot of people on the tree that were included in the 1940 Census.   I haven’t gone over the entire tree yet, so not everyone on the 1940 Census has had the information added. Going over the Census data has also resulted in a bunch of new people being added to the tree and this has resulted in more hits on earlier census reports, birth records, marriages, and death reports.   It’s a lot of data to add to the tree. I’m glad I don’t have a deadline for getting all this done.

I haven’t update the Summary and Tree links here with all this information either, so they are a little behind so if you want to see the latest information and the most current status you’ll have to either do so at Ancestry.com or just wait until I get around to updating it here.

Meanwhile, there’s lots to explore as it is, so enjoy.

No more 1940 CENSUS UPDATES content.

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