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Welcome to my genealogy site.

There are  thousands  of files, images, and  individuals in the database.  Your status (especially as a visitor to this site) may prevent access to some of what’s here.

As with any genealogy site, not everything here should be considered as fact. Always check to see what source was used for the information and examine the documentation to decide how accurate it is.  I’ve tried to do this as I’ve added to the tree, especially with information I find on someone else’s family tree.  Some information is best guess based on the documentation available.  If you find errors, omissions, or duplicates  let me know.  Most of what’s here is from my Perry Family Roots tree on Ancestry.com

If you are working on your own family tree you can download or print most of what you see here. (See  About This Site  for details on how to download.)  

Where to begin?

First read the About This Site page and the  About the Families page.  
(About This Site explains what’s here, how it’s organized, and how to get around the site:  About the Families explains Core Families and Key persons.)

Then Explore!

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