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   Perry Family Roots is a genealogy website of The Perry Family and those families related by marriage. Your status (especially as a visitor to this site) may prevent access to some of what’s here.  All pages in the site have  access rights and pages in the drop-downs under the menu items  have their own access rights and are not affected by the restrictions on the main page.  So if you land on a page and get a message saying you can’t access this page it doesn’t mean you can’t access the pages underneath.

Check Site Status for recent update information.

About the Site Organization

Things can look different depending on how you look at them. There are two ways of looking at a web site.
From a logical structure point of view this site is divided into Sections and each Section has it’s own Home Page.  The pagesincluding Section home pages are arranged in a hierarchy.  Each section contains pages, posts, photos, etc. and other Sections that are all logically associated with that Section   Every page, post, photo, poem, etc  is located in just one Section but may be listed on the home page of other Sections it has some relavance to. 

At the top of each page are the home page of the Section where the page is located and all the other Sections where the page is listed on  that Section’s home page.

Another way to look at a web site is it’s physical structure, the location of the page physically in the site’s file system. The PATH  (or “bread crumb” trail) through the file system to the current page is at the top of the page content.

Whenever you see something in Blue or Green or White or some other color  or UNDERLINED it usually means a link.  All names of people, families, or things are probably links whether in a different color, UNDERLINED  or not … put the cursor on it to see if and where it links.

I’ve tried to provide as many ways to get through the logical And/or physical structure of the site as possible to get  you  to what you want to see  so that what ever you might instinctively think will get you there will (hopefully) work.

At the top and bottom of the page there’s the Menu which kind of combine logical and physical links to the significant parts of the site. the menu does not include every page, post and image in the site, At the bottom of each page are more detailed lists that provide ways to move through the logical and physical structure of the site and are tailored to for that particular page. 

About the Menu

When you move the cursor over an item in the Menu, pages under that item will be shown.  Some may be Section home pages and some won’t. 

Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find under each of the Main Menu Items.

  • Welcome  The Welcome page is where you’ll start when you first come to the site and where you’ll be taken when you logout.  The most recently added posts and pages are displayed on the welcome page.
  • Site Status contains information about changes and updates to the site. You should check this page to see if anything important has been done to the site since you last visited.
  • About  contains information about the site,
  • Blog Contains all the Blog posts and blogging sub-section home pages and pages in those sub-sections
  • The Genealogy section is the home page for all the family tree stuff and contains family genealogical information.
  • Contribute provides a form members whose status (shown at the top of each page) allows them to contribute to the site can use to submit content for the site.
  • Contact  has an email form, to contact me..
  • Login opens the login form.
  • The Index page provides a site map of pages, sections, tags, and attachments
  • Tags page contains a full page tag cloud.

About the Content

Some of what is here is from other sites and posted here with links to the originals.  Most of the genealogical content originated at my tree on Ancestry.com.

You can use your browser’s File menu item to save/export any page or image on the site or any highlighted text (depending on your browsers options) or copy it to paste somewhere on you own computer.  The family tree home page will allow you to download a gedcom file that you can upload to virtually any genealogy website or software.

Keep in mind that the genealogical details are not fixed.  I download the Ancestry.com data from time to time as my work there never ends and the data is constantly being updated and then go through the process of getting it uploaded to this site.  So what you see tomorrow may not be the same as what you see today. I’ll post to Site Status when I update the information here so be sure to check Site Status each time you visit the site.


Make sure you read the CopyRight, Terms, and Privacy  pages since accessing this site means you have agreed to be legally bound by their content.I hope you find something here of interest. Look around, and if you find anything you like, (or don’t) or you have  any questions or suggestions  let me know.   Feel free to point out any errors,  leave a comment (if comments are open for the page) or submit your original stuff and I’ll consider publishing it.

Thanks for stopping by.


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