About the Families

When I began this project I first started gathering information about my parents’ and Elizabeth’s parents’ ancestors.  Then I added my daughter’s and son’s spouses’ families, then the families of parents of our nephews and nieces (my and my wife’s brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.).  As I gathered more information about the ancestors and decedents of my brothers’ and sisters’ spouses and my wife’s brother’s and sister’s  spouses (parents of our nephews and nieces), and our 2 kids’ spouses  the number of family names began growing exponentially (15 families). I decided to use these 15 families as the “CORE” families for the site and relegate all the others to the status of “RELATED” families. That just meant I intended to concentrate my searching on finding information about these families and add information about the others as I came across it.  The key, central, or home person in each of the core families is the person that makes the family one of the core families  i.e. my parents, Liz’s parents, our kid’s spouses and the spouses of our brothers and sisters who were parents of our nephews and nieces. 
I’ve only tested with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Safari and Chrome are fine but with Firefox the tree chart that should be displayed for each family when you click on the family name below doesn’t. Some times, eventually, a miniaturized version will show. If you’re using Firefox you can force it to show properly by doing a right-click in the frame (just below the “Person Chart’ label) to open the context menu and selecting “This Frame”->”Reload Frame.”

I’ve searched and searched for an explanation and fix for this but nothing I’ve found has worked.

I haven’t tested with any other browsers so I don’t know how they will handle the site, let me know.


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