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  • Death of the Firefox Revival 2021-06-20
    Well, spoke too soon.  The mystery of the invisible tree in the families list on About the Families came back.  
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  • Mystery of the Firefox revival 2021-06-20
    Well, for some strange reason the problem with Firefox loading the tree on the families has vanished.
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  • Browser Tests 2021-06-20
    Ok, things seem to be working ok with one notable exception. I’ve only tested with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Safari and Chrome are fine but with Firefox the tree chart that should be displayed for each family when you click on the family name (in the About the Families page) doesn’t. Some times, eventually, ...
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  • It’s Alive! 2021-05-29
    it’s live for real…including the family tree itself.
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  • Server Down Time for Maintenance 2017-02-07
    Server Down on February 8, 2017
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  • Back on line 2016-03-31
    Have completed correcting all the programing errors the updates caused
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  • Upcoming Down Time 2016-01-16
    Dreamhost, will be performing a scheduled maintenance on web the server this Wednesday,
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  • Multiple Scroll Bars 2015-10-21
    Thanks to Kendall the multiple scroll bars are now gone.
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  • First oct, 2015 Update 2015-10-04
    Unless I’ve missed something (probably have) everything seems to be working properly now. Ready to start adding the Genealogy data and documentation.
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  • Another Sept update 2015-09-28
    I’m still working on the site but the Genealogy information is available. Don’t be surprised if things change. (Could even happen while your on the site.)
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  • Status as of Sept, 2015 2015-09-24
    Perry Family Roots is open. Even though it’s not quit what I want it to be you can actually see all the family I’ve added as of June. Since this latest update there’s  a bug (at least it bugs me)
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  • Fun with Blogging! 2015-07-03
    Still a lot of kinks to work out but things are coming along nicely. Have changed the index file in the main directory to show the site as offline.
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  • Redesigned 2015-06-22
    Have been totally redesigning the site and have most things organized.  Still a few things missing so you may see what looks like garbage to you instead of what you expected to see when you click on a few things.  I’m getting to them.  Right now I’m trying to decide the best way to incorporate ...
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  • A Year?? 2015-01-20
    WOW!  So it has been a year!   It has been a loongg hectic year and still not really finished with it and running smoothly yet, but I WILL get back to working on the websites shortly. 
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  • FTC Blogger Disclosure Rules 2012-12-21
    “… the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new guidelines that require bloggers to ‘disclose material connections’ for product or service endorsements.
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